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What Does It Take to Be a Care Home Manager and Why Are They Essential?

A care home manager is essential in any care home. Their purpose is to run and manage the home and they act as the link between the owners, directors, care staff, and residents.

The title “care home” often conjures an image of older people, but increasingly, they specialise in services like dementia, children, or end of life, for example.

Qualifications & Experience

The role demands qualifications and experience in healthcare, often in specialist areas such as home service, as well as leadership and management.

Organisational Skills

Managing the home successfully requires arranging staff rotas, managing budgets, ensuring target occupation is met, interpreting and working with policies and procedures, and adhering to legal and health and safety requirements.


The manager needs to provide leadership for staff, ensure they work to high standards and provide the necessary training and development required to maintain good care. Leadership duties also include running meetings, motivating people, overseeing recruitment, doing staff assessments, and even delivering training sessions when necessary.


Great communication is essential, as the manager needs to convey messages to all staff. They must remember that different shifts mean that not all carers will be on-site at the same time, so having the flexibility to work various shifts is necessary to learn what differences and challenges each one brings.

The manager needs to build relationships with the residents and their families, offering support, advice, and guidance. As such, compassion, patience, and understanding are all key skills. What’s more, a manager may need to step into the carer role to cover unexpected absences.

The manager often gets involved with the wider local community to help residents access local services. They may even contribute to the digital marketing of the company or use healthcare advertising companies for recruitment.

The role of a care home manager is complex, varied and often pressured, dealing with sensitive and complex problems. But, for the right person, it is tremendously rewarding. And when you consider everything that is expected of them (and this blog is only looking at the highlights) it becomes clear why this is a vital role in any care home.

HLTH Resourcing

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