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Interim Management Support

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Interim Management Support

Change can sometimes be sudden – our Interim Management Support is here to support you during times of transition.

Based on our own experiences in the healthcare industry, we understand the intense pressure placed on management to ensure the providers’ services remain constant. As such, we are aware that short-term or interim managers can be a vital asset in ensuring that standards are maintained in times of transition or crisis.

Why HLTH Resourcing?

At HLTH Resourcing, our pool of Interim Candidate Specialists have vast experience in high-pressure environments and are dedicated to helping and supporting providers in any situation. .

If you require a Registered Manager urgently and don’t want to wait the three-month notice period most candidates have, we can provide you with a suitably experienced, immediately available Interim Registered Manager. They will oversee the day-to-day operations of your care provider for the short period it takes for us to find you a permanent manager.

In doing so, we ensure that transitions are smooth, communication is open and transparent and most importantly, that your care provider isn’t left without leadership.

If your current management staff require expert guidance and training – our Special Advisors can also work with your team to advise, mentor and improve performance and processes.

Contact our Interim Management Support team now and let’s get things moving!

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